Dear all,
here´s a little survey of the Workshops around 2012th t*CSD and a few introducing words….
Please keep in mind that a registration on this page is not binding. You´ll find the mail adresses for registration below the individual workshop.
All the adresses for the venues are at the end of this text.
See you soon,
your orga-crew

A few words on our own behalf….

Yay! For the first time the there will be a workshop- and event-week framing the t*CSD, and there´s quite a few things that came together.
We tried to inform as widespread as possible, to find people to offer workshops and we are really happy and surprised how about the willingness to share knowledge for free and discuss it publicly.
First of all a big: Thank you! To all who are offering something and to those who provide their spaces for free.

As organisation-team that comes together every year as a new group (though some people have been there for a few years now) we have the problem nearly every year around the discussion of contents: we lack time to get in to topics deeper and the topics are most of the time defined by outside critique or suggestions, which leads to not havin a basis or continuity.
Because we´re an orga-team with a high fluctuation and new people every year not a discussion group.

Since there´s a lot of need for discussion, further education and talking anyways in the queer-left every year, we wanted to contribute a platform for this.
Thus the workshop-week.

In our call we made a lot of suggestions what topics we think are important and which we wanted to be represented.
Some of it came about, and a lot is missing.
Topics like e.g. poverty, solidarity-based critique and (invisible) illness are not represented, even though we actively tried people who would offer something.
That´s a pity and we mention that here, hoping that maybe there will be people next year who would want to offer something in these areas.
Please also give us feedback wich topics are missing.

Closing we wanted to say, that we do not see us responsible for the content of the workshops. Based of course on the base of a basic political understandingthat excludes racist, faschist, sexist and discriminiating contents generally. Also event from political partys or governmental organisations have no room here. Still we want to point out, that it´s in the person who gives the workshop and the participants responsibility what and how it is discussed.
We provide a space – what becomes of this is defined by the peple who use this space.

Important for us is, to ask people giving workshops as well as participants for respect and sensitivity. That includes an awareness of different backgrounds and life-realities that we bring along (class, ability, origin, color of skin, age,…) Take care, be aware….

All workshops take place in wheelchair-accessible venues and are open to all LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Inter, Queers), if not announced otherwise. Workshops are announced in the language(s) in which they will be held.
Some workshops are markes with trigger-warnings.
All workshops are free – of cost and smoke.
If there´s anything else you need to participate please send an email to:
We will try to organise it.

We are looking forward to hopefully well-attended workshops, constructive discussions – and of course YOU.

Your TCSD orga-team

15.6: 17 Uhr Lambda
Making Banners and more…

Lambda-BB invites everyone to come togetherfo a banner-, signs-, youthcentre-handcrafting for the TCSD. You can help us or realize your own ideas, we have a little bit of paint and brushes. Please bring own material for your projects.
We are looking forward to you and your creative energy for questins.
not barrierfree.

16.6: 14-19 Uhr NFJ
Open Discussion and Training on non-violent communication as strategy to handle amorous

Independently on what kind of amorous relationships one chooses (poly-amory, open,
monogamy, anarchy, asexual, _*…), a healthy, fair and non-violent communication is often the best way
to deal with conflicts. We would like to create a space to talk open about this topics and exchange
experiences and strategies.
Die Räumlichkeiten sind rollstuhlgerecht. Offen für alle LGBTIQ. Keine Anmeldung erforderlich.


16.6: 10-17 Uhr LesMigraS in der Lesbenberatung
Les Migras: Better Words Ahead II/ Wort-verspielt II
With Amelia Bande

This workshop is designed to explore the pleasure of writing. The idea is to experiment with various
types of writing such as poems, dialogues and stories while learning about rhythm, tone and the
power of what we want to write about. During the workshop we will run a series of simple and practical
writing exercises to help you develop a personal style and voice. We will consider concepts such as
description, point of view, dialogue, time and attention to detail. At the end of the workshop we will
print a small magazine that compiles the written material produced during the workshop. The
workshop is held in English but you can write in any language you want. No previous experience
Open to all LGBTI and all languages/ Offen für alle LSBTI und alle Sprachen,
Unterricht auf Englisch
Please register with us prior to the dates. By Email: or by phone:+
The venue is wheelchair accessible.


19.6.:15.30-17.30 Tango tanzen macht schön
Queer Tango Argentino

Tango for all levels – no experience required. The workshop is for everyone, who is interested – just come around!

Offen für alle LGBTIQ. Keine Anmeldung erforderlich


20.6.: 15:30 Uhr NFJ
In Our Hands : Community Accountability for Sexual Violence

Was bedeutet Verantwortlichkeit in deinem “community” (Umfeld)? Was bedeutet es für dich? Was
würdest du machen, wenn etwas gewalttätiges oder verletzendes passiert zwischen Freund_innen,
Kolleg_innen oder Mitgliedern einer Gruppe, der du angehörst? Haben du und deine Freund_innen
oder deine Politgruppe einen Plan, wie damit umgegangen wird, wenn ein sexueller Übergriff gegen
eine_n aus der Gruppe von einem anderen Gruppenmitglied passiert?
‘Community Accountability’ ist ein Konzept, dass von Oragnisationen in den U.S.A. wie Incite! Women
of Color Against Violence entwickelt wurde um Täter_innen für gewaltsames Verhalten zur
Verantwortung zu ziehen in einem durch das Umfeld organisierten und kontrollierten Prozess,
außerhalb von Polizei, Gericht und anderen staatlichen Institutionen, die Gewalt und Unterdrückung
aufrechterhalten. Es stellt eine Integration von Unterstützungsarbeit, Prävention und Bildungsarbeit,
politische Aktivismus, und Täterarbeit vor.
What does responsibility mean in your community? to you? What would you do if something violent or
hurtful happened between friends, roommates, or members of a group you are in? Does your
community have a plan for how to react if someone you know and love is sexually assaulted?
‘Community Accountability’ is a framework developed by organizations in the U.S. like INCITE! Women
of Color Against Violence and CARA for holding perpetrators of oppressive or violent behavior
responsible through a process organized by communities, outside of police, criminal justice, and other
State institutions that perpetuate violence and oppression. It imagines integrated support, prevention
education, political activism, and perpetrator work.
Workshop in German and English.
Triggerwarnung ?
Sprache: Deutsch/ English
Die Räumlichkeiten sind rollstuhlgerecht. Offen für alle LGBTIQ


22.6.: 12 Uhr Familiengarten
Homonationalism and Pinkwashing – Vortrag mit anschließender Diskussion

Homonationalism and Pinkwashing are both terms used to describe liberal mechanisms which
exploit the achievements of the LGBT rights movement and use them to advance nationalist agenda.
Homonationalism is a discourse used by a few Western countries to determine their sense of
difference from and supremacy over countries in the global East and South while using gay rights and
lifestyle achievements as a main argument for their sense of supremacy and nationalism. Pinkwashing
is a systematic attempt to conceal systematic human rights violations or even apartheid conducted by
a country by refocusing international attention to its relatively-lax gay scene and lifestyle and
internationally re-branding the country and its image based on those. Germany is a leading country
associated with Homonationalism. Pinkwashing is a term that is synonymous with Israel. This
presentation will focus on the effect of pinkwashing on the LGBT communities in Israel-Palestine, and
on the role that Germany and German LGBT communities play in perpetuating pinkwashing and
homonationalism within and without its national borders.

Sprache: englisch, bei Bedarf deutsche Übersetzung
Die Räumlichkeiten sind rollstuhlgerecht. Offen für alle LGBTIQ
Keine Anmeldung, Info:,


22.6.: 16 Uhr Familiengarten
„Zugang erwünscht“ ( Access Wanted) …how remembrance take place in contemporary

52 min. German with English subtitles.
Uckermark youth/ girls concentration camp near Berlin, was forgotten for decades. The reasons
behind this point to continuities from Nazism into present day German society. In the last few years a
group of queer-feminist anti-fascists began creating a Memorial on the site. In doing so they
developed a concept at odds with traditional state- goverened forms of remembrance. Meanwhile the
state-institutions that own the site had their own plans and a debate ensued….
Will academia prevail, or can remembrance on Uckermark-kz be an anti-fascist practice with open
access for all?
Sprache: deutsch
Die Räumlichkeiten sind rollstuhlgerecht. Offen für alle LGBTIQ
Keine Anmeldung


22.6.: 19 Uhr Familiengarten
Explorations in Non-Monogamous Territory

What joys and challenges are waiting for someone who leaves the old well-traveled paths, to live her
relationships outside of the dominant model of the romantic couple, beyond of the concept of “either-
or”? What forms might these relationships take? What might they be called, how could they be
expressed? What can be helpful for finding ways through this unknown territory? How do structures in
societies get in the way of building more diverse kinds of relationships? How do people find each
other, who are willing to take off on this adventure with me? To share experiences, to build networks,
to try things out: We invite you to talk and experiment, to play with old and new ideas, in this
exploration of relationships.
Sprache: deutsch/english
Offen für alle Gender.
Die Räumlichkeiten sind rollstuhlgerecht. Offen für alle LGBTIQ

22.6.: 18 Uhr Schwarzer Kanal

The Queer-feminist Countryside projekt Quecke introduces himself. You`re welcome to discuss,
brainstorm and talk with us about our idea of a non-commercial guest and meeting house in the urban
hinterland of Berlin.
Sprache: Deutsch, Übersetzung ins Englische möglich
Die Räumlichkeiten sind rollstuhlgerecht. Offen für alle LGBTIQ


24.6.: 16 Uhr Mariannenplatz
Picknick: Celebrate your… Orga-Team

The t*CSD-organisation team meets the whole year to plan, discuss the before- and after, to provide you with an as versatile programme as possible. We like to do that, as far as our capacities go – and sometimes even more. You think that´s super? Cool! Most of the time we do not really hear much about the super-side. That´s why we have a wish this year:
On the sunday after the t*CSD we meet at Mariannenplatz to celebrate – or be celebrated. We wish for cake, BBQ-stuff from vegan to meaty, salad, ice, chocolate, confetti, beer and other drinks – and whatever you can think of.
We are excited to see if this will work – an IF there will be another phantastic, colouful, glittery t*CSD with a motivated organisation team.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Your orga-darlings


26.6.: 18h Other Nature (Mehringdamm 79)
Menstruation Sensation! with Meg & Betti

If you have a uterus, you´ve probably suffered at some pint from PMS, cramps or period discomfort.In
this workshop, we will offer an overview of various natural health techniques that can bring some relief.
We´ll discuss herbal teas, oils and basic Shiatsu and bodywork techniques that you can perform on
Please register beforehand, as group size is limited. Register in person at Other Nature, or email
Fast jede kennt es: Menstruationsbeschwerden! An diesem Abend möchten wir einen Überblick über
die unterschiedlichen naturheilkundlichen Möglichkeiten geben, die eventuell Besserung bringen
können! Angefangen von Tees, Ölen unterschiedlichen Selbstbehandlungmöglichkeiten bis zu
Erfahrungen aus dem Shiatsu.
Wir bitten um vorherige Anmeldung, da die Teilnehmerinnenzahl begrenzt ist. Meldet Euch an
persönlich bei uns im Geschäft oder schreibt uns eine Email an
Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch
Cost: donations welcome

Adressen + anfahrtswege workshops

Schwarzer Kanal
Kiefholzstr. 74, 12057 Berlin,
S 8,9, 41, 42 Treptower Park (Aufzug), 1500m
Bus 265 Rethelstr, 500m
Bus 171 Treptower Str./Harzer Str. , 650m
Vor dem Eingang ist ein Schild, weil das Tor hinter B_schen und B_umen liegt.
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerecht

Projektraum H 48
Herrmannstr. 48/ 2.Hinterhof, 12049 Berlin
U8 Boddinstr. (Aufzug), 150m
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerecht

FAQ Infoladen
Jonasstr. 40, 12053 Berlin
U8 Leinestr. (kein Aufzug), 300m
S+U8 Hermannstr. (Aufzug), 400m
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerecht

Weichselstr. 13, 12045 Berlin
Bus M41 Fuldastr., 200m
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerecht

TransInterQueer e.V.
Glogauerstr. 19, 10999 Berlin
Bus M29 Glogauer str., 200m
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerrecht

Oranienstr. 34, 10999 Berlin
U8 Kottbusser Tor (Aufzug), 300m
M29 Adalbertstr./Oranienstr., 100m
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerecht

LesMigraS in der Lesbenberatung
Kulmer Str. 20a, 10783 Berlin
U7 Kleistpark (kein Aufzug), 300m
Bus M48, M85, 187 Goebenstr., 400m
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerecht

Lambda e.V.:
Manteuffelstr. 19, 10997 Berlin
Bus 140 Wrangelstr., 50m
U1 G_rlitzer Bahnhof (kein Aufzug), 500m
Bus M29 G_rlitzer Bahnhof, 500m
Räumlichkeiten nicht Rollstuhlgerecht

Wildenbruchstr. 86, 12045 Berlin
Bus M41 Erkstr., 250m
Räumlichkeiten Rollstuhlgerecht

tango tanzen macht schön
Oranienstra_e 185, 10999 Berlin
Bus M29 Adalbertstr./Oranienstr., 150m
U8 Kottbusser Tor (Aufzug), 300m
Räumlichkeiten nicht Rollstuhlgerecht

Other Nature
Mehringdamm 79, 10965 Berlin
U6/U7 Mehringdamm (Aufzug), 450m
Räumlichkeiten nicht Rollstuhlgerecht

Heilpraktikerschule Bethanien/NewYork
Mariannenplatz 2a, 10997
Bus 140 Waldemarstr./Adalbertstr, 200m
Bus M29 Heinrichplatz, 400m
Räumlichkeiten nicht Rollstuhlgerecht

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