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workshops needed

dear queer-feminists and allies!

the tCSD is more than a party – the workshop week can create space for discussion, learning, informing, exchange.

this year the workshop week will be happening during saturday the 15/06 until friday the 21 of june 2013. (tCSD will be 22 june 2013)

our concept: we create the space, you fill it!
the complete workshop program will be published in mai.

how you can participate
spaces: wheelchair accessible and no or low fee
translation: if you have experience in translating and would like to help, let us know which languages
ideas: if you would like to offer a workshop, moderate a discussion or give dance lessons or whatever you can imagine to fit into this concept, please contact as soon as possible

we need to know from you
- in which language(s) will the workshop be held
- your favourite date and time
- whom are you inviting to participate
- is there a registration deadline and maximum participants
(please create your own contact email!)

content that promotes queerophobic, rassist, anti-semitic, sexist, mysoginist, ableist, audist, transphobic, homophobic or other discriminating ideas are not welcome!
also state institutions and parties do not have a space here.

we are looking forward to your response
let’s make it happen together, we are all transgenious!

the tcsd organisors 2013